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What differentiates a CFO /  Finance Director?

The highlighted areas are those where the FD/CFO adds value to an organisation either delivering growth, improved profits or cash flow and increased shareholder value.

You will see above that the CFO role compliments the other roles in an organisation, in particular an CFO works alongside external accountants who generally are responsible for compliance. The CFO also plays a key role identifying opportunities for tax planning which are carried out by the external Tax Advisor e.g. Succession Planning. The CFO will also work closely with external advisors on areas such as acquisitions and significant Venture Capital Investments.

Our value proposition for you:

  • The Agile Executive will source for you a strong Finance Director as a permanent resource.
  • Your FD will commit to you for 4 days a month.
  • You will get the services of a strong FD but on a part-time basis, significantly reducing costs and increasing value.
  • The Agile Executive is also partnered with a series of service providers in the professional services space, adding yet more resources for you.

What to do next:

Please contact Tony Dignam, Managing Director for an initial chat. If yourself and Tony think you business could benefit from The Agile Executive, Tony will arrange a FREE half day health check for your business.

We love working with fellow entrepreneurs. Like you we are keen to scale our business, so we share many of the issues you have on a daily basis. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully we can start a long and mutually beneficial relationship!

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