The Agile Executive, with Associate Pat Byrne acting as Programme Manager, is leading a consortium including colleagues from:

  • MTU – Circular Bio-Economy Cluster SouthWest
  • MTU – Shannon ABC – Applied Biotechnology Centre Plus
  • Wool sector experts including Donegal Yarns

The study is sponsored by the Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Marine and the team is operating under the following terms of reference:

  • Examine and evaluate the proposals received during the public consultation;
  • Identifying market opportunities domestically and internationally for wool-based products;
  • Carrying out economic feasibility and cost-benefit analysis on proposed market opportunities;
  • Determining mechanisms that could be used to support industry initiatives;
  • Identification of potential research projects applicable to supporting the identified market opportunities;
  • The feasibility of wool scouring (de-greasing) on the island was agreed as out of scope.

We have agreed on an all-Ireland approach to get the most value out of this renewable material, and by-products, in an economically feasible way, given the limited volume of greasy wool feedstock available from the annual clip.

A key focus of the study is to get the optimum value possible into the hands of the primary producers.

The Agile Executive would like to wish everyone involved good luck with this important project.

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