Programme Management

Our Team of experienced programme managers have managed a number of Complex mentoring Programmes for SkillnetSmall Firm Association (SFA), Solas and Enterprise Ireland.

Using our Agile Mentor Management System developed by Veri, we have managed and trained 150 mentors and have delivered mentoring to hundreds of clients matching the most appropriate mentor to clients. We have developed methodologies to recruit, manage, train and track the performance of mentors to ensure that we deliver outstanding results on the programmes we manage. A recent programme that we managed with over 120 clients scored in excess of 98% satisfaction rating from the participants.

Contact us to find out how our Programme Management service can help you to scale your business, increase your profits, improve your cashflow and enhance the value of your business.


Our team have been delivering training to business owners through Local Enterprise Offices, Skillnet, Microfinance Ireland, SFA and many other organisations for over 20 years covering topics across finance, sales, marketing, digital marketing and strategy. This training is built from practical experience of what works in business as our team are all former Executives who call on their experience to develop our training programmes. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your training in order for you to scale your business, increase your profits, improve your cashflow and enhance the value of your business.


Our teams of experienced advisors have carried out mentoring across many different programmes mentoring over 500 different businesses, in all cases helping the business owners achieve more clarity in where they are going and helping them develop a plan that will help them achieve their goals. A good mentor will help you achieve your goals with more control and less stress.

Agile Mentor Management System

Agile Mentor Management System (Agile MMS) is powered by Veri, a Kilkenny based SME supported by Enterprise Ireland.

There is a common approach to how we do business and what we are trying to achieve. We are both Irish owned SMEs whose vision is to help other business owners achieve their goals.

Agile MMS serves a number of purposes:

  • One place where all interactions can be stored.
  • It is a system that can be easily adapted to cover every step, in any mentoring process, allowing us to effectively manage and report on progress.
  • It prompts actions to be taken to ensures we meet our committed KPI’s.
  • It is accessible for the Programme Managers, the Mentors, the Clients and the Contracting Authority.
  • The rights to the site are scaled so we can grant access based on roles and responsibilities.
  • Ensures GDPR permissions are agreed and stored as appropriate.
  • It measures performance and helps us easily report against agreed SLA’s.
  • Data-led, it helps us make more informed and quicker decisions.

What our clients are saying about us:

“My mentor Claire was fantastic, very knowledgeable and gave me practical help on a variety of issues from pricing, agreements and how to get clients and increase my profile and company profile. She was a pleasure to deal with and I really enjoyed the experience.”

“Paul was a wonderful help and I would be delighted to work with him again. Highly recommend!”

“I found The Agile Executive to be very professional and excellent at supporting me and helping me to grow my business. Mary was fantastic and I would highly recommend them and would love to work with them again.”

“Pat was an excellent advisor and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. The sharing of experience and using Pat to trash out idea really focused me on my role as a senior manager!”

Contact us to find out how our mentoring service can help you to scale your business, increase your profits, improve your cashflow and enhance the value of your business.

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