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The Agile Executive have a team of experienced C-Suite Executives ready to help your business. Adding one of them to your business on a part-time basis will help you:

  • see what is going on in your business more clearly
  • see the potential for your business
  • improve profit and cash flow
  • increase the value of your business
  • achieve your goals

Below are some of our Agile Executives that are ready to add value to your business.



The Agile Executive has collaborated and continues to collaborate with a number of like-minded organisations to provide a complete set of solutions to businesses of all sizes. These partnerships are listed below:

Gateway Consulting

Keystone Procurement


Beta Digital

In total we have over 100 experienced executives ready to help your business covering all sectors, all disciplines and all competencies and all locations in Ireland, that you and your business might need support on. 80% of our team have also 10 years plus supporting SMEs therefore we understand the challenges that SME business owners face.

Our team cover all areas of business including General Management, Finance, HR, Digital, Business Process, Strategy and Innovation.

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